Will Berry, ‘Untitled - Gold Leaf’, 2013, Bentley Gallery

Signature: signature and year on back

About Will Berry

A peripatetic artist, who has worked in New York City, Provence, Oaxaca, and, currently, Mexico City, Will Berry produces abstract and semi-abstract paintings and prints, whose subtle, layered patterns and loosely rendered images are inspired by the history, culture, and sites of his ever-changing surroundings. Spare and gestural, his mixed-media and oil-on-canvas paintings, and his monotype over aquatint prints, recall such impressions as the landscape of Oaxaca or the patterns on a swatch of damask. In his most recent series, Berry works with malleable metals, including lead, aluminum, and gold, using them as pigments that he brushes onto linen canvases to form delicate designs. As do all of his works, this untitled series of metallic paintings reflects the seemingly alchemical quality of cultural “mestizaje,” or mixing, that so strongly shapes many of the places in which he has lived.

American, b. 1954, Nashville, Tennessee, based in Nashville and Mexico City