Will Rogan, ‘Cradle to the grave (1)’, 2013, Altman Siegel

About Will Rogan

Will Rogan uses photography as a central element his drawings, sculptures, and installations that draw attention to the mundane. Rogan’s images are both culled from archives and taken from his surroundings. In 2009, the artist took photographs of storefronts containing the word “World” in a series titled “Other World”. More recently, he laboriously constructed a delicate structure, Mediums (recent ruins) (2013) made using photographic portraits of 60 artists from catalogues discarded by the library at the San Francisco Art Institute. Rogan’s approach is often humorous and ironic, but with a touch of poignancy. Themes in his work include explorations of memento mori and vanitas, nostalgia, and the passage of time.

American, b. 1975, based in Albany, California