Willard Boepple, ‘19.2.15E’, 2015, Maddox Arts

Series: No

Signature: 19.2.15E Willard Boepple

"The Sense of Things. Sculpture 1984 - 2014", London, Madox Arts, 2015

About Willard Boepple

Willard Boepple has said that he likes to make large-scale sculptures so that more people can see them and immerse themselves in them; in fact, he says he only created his smaller pieces as “small versions to show around,” and as a way of translating his bigger works indoors. Boepple’s sculptures—usually constructed out of wood and metal—are geometric, abstract, and minimally colored. His practice is influenced by Minimalism, as well as the geometric sculpture of David Smith and Anthony Caro. Boepple’s works often look like stripped-down architecture—a resemblance he acknowledges in choosing his titles like those of the series “Rooms” (2000-04) and “Temples” (2003-06).

American, b. 1945, Bennington, Vermont, based in New York, New York