Benign and Delighted
Benign and Delighted
Benign and Delighted

About Willard Lustenader

At first glance, the paintings of Willard Lustenader appear like works of pure abstraction: studies of bold, primary colors, line, and sharp, geometric forms. But in fact, Lustenader creates representational, still-life paintings based on cut paper or bent wire, a practice that found its initial inspiration when his son’s school project left behind cut-out scraps. This choice of subject matter creates an intentional paradox, as what appear to be purely abstract compositions are actually based on observation. Lustenader has also pushed the work further into explorations of the abstract, inspired by the tension between line and space in layered compositions. “There is a bending and twisting of relationships that overlap and come back on themselves,” Lustenader has said of these more recent abstract works. “So, it is the idea of space and time that occupies my new work.”


Solo Shows on Artsy

Will Lustenader - Approximating Continuity, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery, New Haven

Group Shows on Artsy

New Geometry, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery, New Haven