Willem Blaeu, ‘[A pair of Globes - Terrestrial and Celestial] Globus Orbis Terrae.’, ca. 1645, Daniel Crouch Rare Books

Each globe with a diameter of 680mm (26 inches) composed of 36 hand-coloured engraved half gores and two polar calottes pasted on to a plaster sphere, rotating on brass pinions within brass meridian ring with graduated scale, set into a seventeenth century Dutch wooden base with an engraved horizon ring adumbrating scales, calendar, almanacs etc, minor nicks and scratches to several parts of the printed surface, as is inevitable for a globe of this scale and period. A remarkable survival in very fine condition.

Elly Dekker, Globes at Greenwich (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1999), GLBO 130; Peter van der Krogt, Globi Neerlandici: The Production of Globes in the Low Countries (Utrecht: HES, 1993), BLA V, 176-187 and 509-523; Krogt, The Most Magnificent and Largest Globes of Blaeu, the World's Greatest Globe Maker ('t Goy-Houten: HES, 2001).

From the collection of Schloss Baldern, owned by the Princely House of Oettingen-Wallerstein, and home to one of the largest private collections of weapons in Germany.

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