Willem de Rooij, ‘Caucasian Rug, Shirwan, Baku, 1800’, Christie's

Signature: Caucasian Rug, Shirwan, Baku, 1800

Kunsthalle Zürich, de Rijke / de Rooij, November 2003-January 2004, p. 49 (illustrated).

Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Jeroen de Rijke / Willem de Rooij, April-June 2008, pp. 24-25 (illustrated).

Galerie Buchholz, Cologne

Acquired from the above by the present owner

About Willem de Rooij

In his sculptures, films, and installations, Willem de Rooij investigates the idea of “non-referential art,” developing strategies to bypass external references. For example, in Intolerance (2010), he installed 17th-century Dutch paintings of birds with 18th-century Hawaiian ceremonial objects, creating art from already existing work instead of merely referencing it. Since 2007, he has produced abstract weavings that generate meaning through material: Woven linen panels gradually shift from silver to gold, or shiny to matte black. De Rooij is also known for his conceptual film collaborations with Jeroen de Rijke (1970-2006).

Dutch, b. 1969, Beverwijk, Netherlands, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands