Willemijn de Greef, ‘Op hoop van zegen, necklace’, 2009, Caroline Van Hoek

A strong work about the meaning and use of adornment within the community of fishermen of the South of the Netherlands. This necklace is a large reproduction of a gold earring that the fisherman were wearing in case they would return dead from sea, that would allow the family to pay for their funeral

About Willemijn de Greef

When the Zuiderzee, a shallow bay in the North Sea, flooded in 1916, a dam was constructed that had grievous consequences for the fishing industry. Inspired by this local history, De Greef, who grew up nearby, has based a jewelry collection on the event. Working with one of the only remaining rope-making companies left in the Netherlands, De Greef’s fibers are woven from hemp and flax and adorned with sea-worthy items like pearls and ceramic floats.

Dutch, b. 1973