William Anthony, ‘Rockefeller Bestowing a Dime’, 1980-1989, Lions Gallery
William Anthony, ‘Rockefeller Bestowing a Dime’, 1980-1989, Lions Gallery

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William Anthony
Born 1934, Forth Monmouth, NJ. and grew up in Washington State.
1958 Yale, New Haven, CT, B.A European History
1959-60 San Francisco Art Institute, CA
1961 Art Students League, NY
American painter and draftsman William Anthony was born 1934 in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. While majoring in history at Yale University, Anthony attended a few art courses, one of which was taught by Josef Albers. He also attended the Art Students' League in 1958 and 1961. After graduating from Yale, he joined his family in California, where he attended the San Francisco Art Institute. In 1962, Anthony taught figure drawing at a commercial art school in San Francisco, where he developed a method of drawing that resulted in his book A New Approach to Figure Drawing. Two years later he moved to New York City.
From 1977 to 1978, Anthony made a series of drawings for Andy Warhol's magazine Interview, and published another book Bible Stories. In 1983, he married Norma Neuman, and continued to produce and exhibit his art work, including solo exhibitions in New York, California, and Europe. In 1988, the Jargon Society published an additional book, Bill Anthony's Greatest Hits. In 2000 another book, War Is Swell, was published by Smart Art Press. Since then he has had five one-man exhibitions with Stalke Gallery, Denmark. In 2013 Stalke published a book of Anthony's work, Ironic Icons, by Sam Jedig.

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