William Buchina, ‘Lower than the Lowest Animal #5’, 2014, Garis & Hahn

About William Buchina

World traveler and mixed-media artist William Buchina produces drawings, paintings, and collages inspired by the many sites, cities, and ways of life he has encountered, as well as such visceral and conceptual themes as filth, lust, holiness, shame, and treachery. After extensively roaming across Europe and Asia, he settled in Istanbul, then moved to New York, where he currently resides. Since 2010, he has been focusing on creating intricate India ink-, graphite-, and pen-on-paper drawings, the culmination of a decade of exploring the art and craft of collage. Buchina’s pastiches of intricately drawn, disparate images and vignettes coalesce into dreamlike narratives, from which he wants viewers to discern meaning. As he writes: “Any and all reasons, thoughts and inspirations for a piece of work are all there in the work itself, and are not to be put into words.”

American, b. 1978