William Christenberry, ‘Façade of Cotton Warehouse—Newbern, Alabama’, 1980, Galerie Julian Sander

This is part of the Portfolio 10 Southern Photographs. The portfolio is offered complete.

About William Christenberry

Setting out to take snapshots of the Alabama landscape of his childhood as studies for paintings, William Christenberry inadvertently embarked on a photographic project chronicling the passage of time in the rural South. Inspired to pursue photography further by an encounter with Walker Evans, since 1968 Christenberry has made an annual pilgrimage from the East Coast to revisit the same forgotten structures: an eerie red-brick building standing alone in Talladega National Forest, a juke joint that has since been torn down, country graveyards, churches, and warehouses. Considered a pioneer of fine art color photography, Christenberry manages to avoid clichés while triggering emotional responses to his depictions of a bygone era. He strives to reflect, as he describes, "the human touch, the humanness of things, the positive and sometimes the negative and sometimes the sad."

American, 1936-2016, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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