William Meyerowitz, ‘White Sails’, 1950, Hollis Taggart

Signature: Signed lower right: "Wm Meyerowitz"

Theresa Berstein Meyerowitz, "William Meyerowitz: The Artist Speaks." Philadelphia: Art Alliance Press, 1986.

The artist
Estate of Theresa Bernstein, the artist's wife

About William Meyerowitz

An extremely prolific and versatile artist, William Meyerowitz has experimented with figurative and abstract painting, printmaking, and etching. His background in music and opera invested in him the belief that art “expressed for us the fundamental rhythms and harmonies that are craved by our souls.” His typical paintings, with roots in Synthetic Cubism, reveal figure and abstraction at odds in a rhythmic play of light and color. He also worked in realist modes, drawing subject matter from his environs: people, landscapes, and still life arrangements. Meyerowitz’s connections spanned a period of great transition in American art, ranging from members of the Ashcan School to Edward Hopper to the major proponent of modernism in America, Alfred Stieglitz.

American, 1887-1981, Esterinoslav, Russia, based in New York, New York