William Ronald, ‘Blue Raspberry’, 1967, Caviar20

Prolific and polemic, William Ronald (1926-1998) is one of the most accomplished, collected and contested artists associated with the Painters Eleven group.

Frustrated at the lack of commercial and critical interest in abstract painting in Toronto during the early 1950's, Ronald moved to New York City to accelerate his career. It was a wise move. He was critically embraced and was on a retainer at the prestigious Kootz Gallery. During his time in America he met or worked alongside some of the most important figures in 20th century painting.

Ronald would leave New York and return to Toronto around 1964. This bold work on paper is from Ronald's important second chapter. In 1965 Ronald begins shows with the David Mirvish Gallery and begins his second career as a host, on television and on radio, with the CBC.

Ronald is at his best when he aggressively uses color. This watercolor captures that energy through the urgency of its palette - just two shades; neon pink and tropical sea blue. This work is also admirable as it resists and avoids the era's pressure to absorb the trends of hard-edge abstraction.

Signature: Signed and dated by the artist.

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