William Scharf, ‘Piscinian Smile, Surprise by Pendulum, Tyr Rite(From left to right)’, 2001, 2000, 2000, 1 (From left to right), Hollis Taggart

9 x 4 inches (each)

Signature: Dated, inscribed, and titled verso: "2001 A1363 / PISCINIAN / SMILE / FEB 25 2001," Dated, inscribed, and titled verso: "2000 A. 1022 / A. 1022 / SURPRISE BY / PENDULUM / 2000 / Re-worked," Inscribed, dated, and titled verso: "A. 953 / 2000 / 20001 / SLIDE / TYR RITE/ 2000 / Re worked / 2001 / GOD OF / SPORT / WAR / FERTILITY" (From left to right)

The artist

About William Scharf

William Scharf is a painter whose subject is color. Scharf, a late-generation Abstract Expressionist and who apprenticed in the studio of Mark Rothko, applies paint in translucent layers to achieve depth and luminosity. He creates groups of paintings around the theme of a single color, working in a variety of scales and using shapes both geometric and biomorphic. Series have been dedicated to blue, silver, and gold, but black and white appear with the most frequency. As he explains: “Very young children discover how dark marks on white paper or white chalk on black become adventures; explorations of a kind that could haunt and obsess the entire life of a painter.”

American, 1927-2018, Media, Pennsylvania, based in New York, NY, United States