William Thomson, ‘Search for Nat Turner’, 1970, Bowersock Gallery
William Thomson, ‘Search for Nat Turner’, 1970, Bowersock Gallery
William Thomson, ‘Search for Nat Turner’, 1970, Bowersock Gallery
William Thomson, ‘Search for Nat Turner’, 1970, Bowersock Gallery

Search for Nate Turner - 20th Century American Painter (March 16, 1931 - October 9, 2014)
This contemporary, figurative water color painting features the portrait of Nate Turner bound in chains, hovering over a green, warm tonal, and yellow landscape. Using multiple layers of texture, with subtle washes of browns, whites, reds, blues, lavender and black, Thomson creates a haunting figure. Note: Nate Turner was an enslaved black man who led a rebellion of fellow slaves. On their way to what they thought would be freedom, many whites were killed. In retaliation, white militia mobs rounded up more than two hundred blacks who met their death while the rebellion was being put down. Slaves who were caught were brought to trial and subsequently executed. Turner died in November of 1831. This is one of only a handful left, on the open market, of his Wind Series, in the William Thomson Family Estate. Artwork includes a brown, handmade frame by the artist.

Series: Wind Series

Signature: Yes lower right corner

Image rights: William Thomson Estate

Thomson, an outstanding, contemporary artist, was quite the prolific painter; his work marked by a unique hand as the master of many mediums. He had much to say, as he observed the human spirit; unleashed power, an unseen energy, pulsates throughout every landscape, figurative piece and abstract.
Thomson’s work is oftentimes haunting and is complemented by warm, rich earth tones executed onto “canvas” with visible, sure brushwork. In his body of work, all styles are explored including: mixed media, acrylic, encaustic, egg tempera, oil and watercolor. Every piece showcases multilayers of color, light, movement, drama and balance. What is left for the eye to feast upon is a style and stroke, clearly that of a master, leaving us deeply intrigued, regardless of subject or mood. Simply magnificent, “He is truly one of the best American painters alive,” noted Art Collector Magazine (2006). “What makes him so, is the surety of his skill and style, something only decades of working one’s craft can achieve, especially for those with natural skill,” says Steve Bowersock, artist and curator of the Bowersock Galleries. “Bill was a friend, a great inspiration, and his images will remain, forever, as an observation of life’s stage.”
William Thomson plied his trade for more than a half century and is exhibited in the Britain Museum of American Art (featured in “The Great American Watercolor Exhibition”), Holyoke Museum of Art and History, Mattatuck Museum, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Berkshire Museum, Slater Museum collections (amongst others) and in the homes of discerning collectors.

About William Thomson

American, 1931-2014, based in Winsted, CT