William Tillyer, ‘Untitled (from eighteen small prints)’, 1973, Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Edition of 100
The full portfolio, 18 Small Prints, was published in 1973.

Bernard Jacobson and Peter Blake produced together the idea for the 18 Small Prints series, soon after 14 Big Prints series was finished. The concept was to produce prints that were almost postcard size. A number of artists from the previous series, such as Patrick Caulfield, Ed Ruscha and Eduardo Paolozzi, but also some new names were added.

About William Tillyer

William Tillyer’s approach to painting is constantly evolving. His work redefines and reinterprets classic subject matter, like landscapes, still lifes, and portraits, in methods that challenge historical traditions and vary between bodies of work. During a time in which Tillyer believes art is too often a projection of the artist, he attempts to initiate instead a dialogue between elements of paint, surface, and subject. His “Helmsley Sky Studies”, for example, are based a cloud series by 19th-century Romantic painter John Constable. Unlike the originals, which Constable controlled solely by oil paint and precise brushwork, Tillyer incorporates grids of metal lattice; as the paint conforms to the wire mesh, the focus is shared by subject and materials, thus separating it from the confines of the traditional landscape.

British, b. 1938, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom