Wolfgang Laubersheimer, ‘Amazonas Desk’, 1988, Demisch Danant

The 'Amazonas Desk' of 1988 is the first in a series of ten tables by Wolfgang Laubersheimer of PENTAGON that each depict a different river. Laubersheimer creates a minimal form made from common industrial building materials while unexpectedly incorporating water, soil and plant life. A discreet water pump supplies the river and plants and with water.

Manufacturer: Pentagon

About Wolfgang Laubersheimer

In his jocular, innovative work, designer Wolfgang Laubersheimer pursues function alongside a sense of levity. The chest of drawers Railway Container (1985) is modeled on the furniture found in trains. Made of steel and concrete, the piece is topped by a small model train that moves on a circular track through a rocky landscape. This unexpected aura of playfulness is also found in the work of designers such as Bernard Govin.

German, b. 1955, Bad Kreuznach, Germany