Wolfgang Staehle, ‘Ludlow Street (2007-03-07)’, 2007, Postmasters Gallery

Staehle is best known for his fixed-position recordings (or live transmissions) of locations around the globe, depictions which challenge our understanding of place and time. Phase shifting between landscape photography and panoptic surveillance, Staehle's works collapse the comfortable distinctions of machine and human perceptions of time.

Staehle produces his works in real time using chrono-photography, capturing a new picture every few seconds. For Ludlow Street Staehle will present ten works recorded between 2005 and 2016. Each work comprises a 24-hour cycle of an identical view of the street, ten days over eleven years, selected by chance operations. These temporal objects capture the minute changes and fleeting movements of life as it happens in front of the camera, while also extending the view of the urban landscape across the longue durée, the otherwise unaccounted changes wrought over a decade.

Series: Ludlow Street (2005 - 2016)

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