Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Aufsicht (Night)’, 2009, Wright
Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Aufsicht (Night)’, 2009, Wright

Tillmans' images are available in multiples sizes and formats. This work is the largest format and it is number 1 from the edition of 1 with 1 artist's proof.

Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York | Private Collection, Chicago

About Wolfgang Tillmans

With titles such as Susanne, No Bra (2006) and Anders pulling splinter from his foot (2004), Wolfgang Tillmans’s oeuvre is distinguished by unabashed emotion and a tension between strangeness and familiarity. Using all the photographic technology at his disposal, Tillmans shoots portraits, still-lifes, and landscapes in which the subjects range from partially-nude friends in seemingly private moments to modest arrangements of domestic items on windowsills. Tillmans’s abstractions reveal studies in color, as seen in the magenta liquid lines of Urgency XXIV (2006).

German, b. 1968, Remscheid, Germany, based in London & Berlin