Wolfgang Tillmans, ‘Wald (Tierra del Fuego) II’, 2010, Serpentine Galleries

Laser print on 160gsm paper
420 x 297 mm
Edition of 150

Wald (Tierra del Fuego) II 2010 is an exceptional image of a natural landscape which links strongly to Tillmans’ abstract concerns. It investigates, with both sharp and softened focus, notions of perspective and light which give it an otherworldly, three-dimensional quality.

A result of his continuing research into the photograph as object, the original picture was taken by the artist in the Argentinean region of Patagonia, and the image was subsequently put through an elaborate technical process. The final work is a unique and eloquent photograph, bringing together Tillmans’ ongoing investigation into printing techniques and his ability to create distinctive and profound images.

Image rights: Courtesy of Serpentine Gallery

About Wolfgang Tillmans

With titles such as Susanne, No Bra (2006) and Anders pulling splinter from his foot (2004), Wolfgang Tillmans’s oeuvre is distinguished by unabashed emotion and a tension between strangeness and familiarity. Using all the photographic technology at his disposal, Tillmans shoots portraits, still-lifes, and landscapes in which the subjects range from partially-nude friends in seemingly private moments to modest arrangements of domestic items on windowsills. Tillmans’s abstractions reveal studies in color, as seen in the magenta liquid lines of Urgency XXIV (2006).

German, b. 1968, Remscheid, Germany, based in London & Berlin