Woods Davy, ‘Tortuga’, 2009, Craig Krull Gallery

About Woods Davy

Channeling Zen ideas about oneness and harmony with nature, Woods Davy arranges various types of stone in tensely balanced vertical constructions. Primarily a formalist, the balance within his works mirrors the relationships between mass, volume, and gravity in rock formations, trees, and other biomorphic structures. His outdoor work establishes a non-disruptive dialogue between site-specific sculpture and the natural environment, while his smaller studio work integrates the qualities of the natural environment into interior spaces. Early in his career, Davy created linear sculptures using folded steel, wood, and paint directly on the gallery floors and walls. As his practice evolved, he grew less preoccupied with geometric formalism and more interested in the qualities of wood and stone themselves.

American, b. 1949, Washington, D.C., based in Venice, California

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