Wyatt Kahn, ‘Untitled/Poster’, 2014, EHC Fine Art: Essential Editions V

Using one of the oldest kinds of printmaking, "Untitled" was created with blocks of wood fastened together and coated abundantly with black ink. The blocks were then pressed into thick sheets of plastic and lifted away, revealing the image left behind. In re-imagining this idea for his poster, the artist chose to run the paper through the press twice to achieve a bright oil slick surface and finished by applying a shiny varnish, resulting in a lot of visual density.
--Courtesy of EHC Fine Art

About Wyatt Kahn

Wyatt Kahn is a sculptor by training, but creates works that he considers to be paintings. An older series of large canvas-based work were made through a complex process using black rubber, charcoal powder, and stencils, resulting in 2-D works with fragile, understated surfaces. A more recent series consisted of abstract compositions made of many unpainted canvases, stretched over irregularly shaped frames; these monochromatic works employ negative space and geometry to create abstract compositions. Kahn cites as his influences Hiroshi Sugimoto and Jay Defeo, the latter of whom Kahn admires for “[pushing] painting to the limits of sculpture.” To this he adds, “I am trying to push sculpture to the limits of painting.”

American, b. 1983