Xiao Lu, ‘Love Letter No. 27 - I Don’t Know What Love is’, 2011, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

About Xiao Lu

Xiao Lu has been an explosive force in Chinese art every since she walked into the National Gallery of Art in Beijing and fired a gun at one of her sculptures in 1989, just months before the Tiananmen Square Crackdown. The piece, Dialogue (1989), consisted of two telephone booths, one with a figure of a man and one with a woman, a red telephone dangling off the hook between them; she created the work with her partner at the time, the artist Tang Song. Gender and the self have been frequent subjects of her work ever since, as in Sperm (2006), about her unsuccessful search for a sperm donor, and Wedding, a recent project in which she documented her fictional attempts to marry herself.

Chinese, b. 1962, Hangzhou, China