Xie Aige 谢艾格, ‘Tree 3 - Come’, Ode to Art

About Xie Aige 谢艾格

One of the most promising young Chinese sculptors of her generation, Xie Aige is known for her whimsical, masterfully crafted sculptures in bronze and synthetic materials. Often coated in creamy whites and shiny blacks, Xie’s works capture poetic moments of man in nature; she’s perhaps best known for her “Tai Chi” series, which depicts slightly abstracted figures holding the various poses of tai chi. “Even the stillest post can touch us deeply,” she says. Xie’s most recent body of work is “Tree Top Memories,” a series of charming, deftly humorous sculptures that evoke hills and streams, mythical figures, and wild animals—all references drawn from her childhood upbringing in rural China. Birds in particular figure prominently in the artist’s practice, symbolizing a purity uncorrupted by the industry and urbanity of her adopted home, Shanghai.

Chinese, b. 1977