Ximena Garrido-Lecca, ‘Destilaciones VIII’, 2016, 80M2 Livia Benavides

About Ximena Garrido-Lecca

Through her compelling sculptures and installations, Ximena Garrido-Lecca examines the fraught history of Peru, shaped largely by the uneasy entanglement of indigenous and colonial cultures. She often recreates quintessentially Peruvian sites, like a decorative fountain or shrines to the dead, presenting them as visual manifestations of her country’s history. For example, in her “Walls of Progress” series (2009-) she makes miniature replicas of mud walls on which political propaganda and commercial advertisements are painted, highlighting the striking mix of indigenous architectural traditions and Western messaging strategies.

Peruvian, b. 1980, Lima, Peru, based in London, United Kingdom