XYZ Design, ‘Cloisonné Dining Table’, 2006, Pearl Lam Galleries

Dimensions: Height 80 x Diameter 208 cm;
Series of 10.

About XYZ Design

With its “anything goes” ethos, XYZ Design melds ancient and contemporary, Chinese and Western, in their boundary-breaking furnishings and decorative objects. A consortium of designers led by pioneering gallerist and champion of Chinese contemporary art and design Pearl Lam, the Shanghai-based group claims to “dream up crazy, decadent, and beautiful objects” from “within the massive borders of China, that feared ‘sleeping giant,’ who, as the entire world knows, has finally woken up.” Inclusivity and fearlessness guide their designs, which encompass the outrageous—a chandelier sprouting purple ostrich feathers, encrusted with semi-precious stones and Swarovski glass beads—and the (relatively) understated—a glass-topped coffee table, whose base is composed of open metal cubes. Though XYZ Design produces thoroughly contemporary works, they always incorporate ancient Chinese materials, designs, and techniques, preserving them from obscurity. Their works are visual metaphors for modern China.

Founded 1997