Yael Kanarek, ‘Horizon ’, 2007, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Horizon ’, 2007, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Horizon ’, 2007, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Horizon ’, 2007, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Horizon ’, 2007, bitforms gallery

We draw a horizon to initiate a world: Once 'One' is divided, things can grow. This horizon is written-drawn with the words Sunset/Sunrise. While the horizon defines difference in space, sunset/sunrise defines difference in time. As metaphor for future, who owns the horizon? This horizon is drawn in three languages, English, Hebrew and Arabic that in recent years, especially since 9/11, came to epitomize the political conflict of our times fulled and manipulated by use of the Israeli/Palestinian reality.

In English, sunset and sunrise point to a human-centric experience - the sun doesn't rise nor sink. In Arabic, the words are derived from the words east (ghoroob) and west (shorooq), pointing to geographically-coordinated language. In Hebrew the words translate into shine (zrikha) and submerge (shki'a). These words point to the spiritual code of this language in which sunset and sunrise describe functions within the process of the inner work.

Dimensions variable (approx. gallery installation: 32' /10 m).

About Yael Kanarek

Yael Kanarek’s multimedia works explore the relationship between language and emotion, between movement and identity. Her installations often feature words in delicate, lace-like strings of moulded rubber letters in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Kanarek is best known for her ongoing project begun in 1994, World of Awe, a virtual travelogue synthesizing photography, sculpture, and text. The fictional traveler is gender-less and nation-less, wandering in an alternate reality called Sunset/Sunrise and leaving behind love letters.

American, b. 1967, Israel, based in New York, New York

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