Yael Kanarek, ‘Key 2’, 2010, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Key 2’, 2010, bitforms gallery
Yael Kanarek, ‘Key 2’, 2010, bitforms gallery

This series of works evaluates and connects differing value systems - such as sculpture, minerals and the body. The connection is literally drawn with text, "I found the key to extreme beauty." – which is the first sentence of Love letter 565/34:

I found the key to extreme beauty, but not the keyhole.
I tried it in all the holes of my body but none seemed to fit.
Yours forever
Your sunset/sunrise forever yours
Yours forever yours
Each work in this series incorporates three components: a sculpture, necklace and title. The art moment is located in the connections between these three elements. The three are joined as a network: At first, the title is generic before purchase. However when the sculpture and necklace are purchased, the name of the woman who purchased it is incorporated into the title of the work, or the buyer dedicates the work to a woman with a close relationship. For example, "Key: Clay, Gold, Anna".

About Yael Kanarek

Yael Kanarek’s multimedia works explore the relationship between language and emotion, between movement and identity. Her installations often feature words in delicate, lace-like strings of moulded rubber letters in multiple languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Kanarek is best known for her ongoing project begun in 1994, World of Awe, a virtual travelogue synthesizing photography, sculpture, and text. The fictional traveler is gender-less and nation-less, wandering in an alternate reality called Sunset/Sunrise and leaving behind love letters.

American, b. 1967, Israel, based in New York, New York