Yang Fudong, ‘Still from Liu Lan 留兰’, 2003, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

杨福东 留兰

Image rights: Photo: courtesy the artist

Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013-14

Lent by Marian Goodman Gallery, New York

About Yang Fudong

Yang Fudong is a pioneering Chinese filmmaker best known for his “Seven Intellectuals in a Bamboo Forest” (2003-7), a series of silent, multi-part, black-and-white films that follow a cast of attractive Chinese youths through several surrealistic scenes. Drawing influence from his training as a painter and photographer, as well as the work of Jim Jarmusch, Yang’s films are sequences of slow-moving, tableau-like dreamscapes, more evocative of moods and impressions than any clear narrative. As he says: “There is no result, no answer.”

Chinese, b. 1971, Beijing, China, based in Shanghai, China