Yang Yanping 杨燕屏, ‘Shine of Drunken Autumn’, 2001, Michael Goedhuis

About Yang Yanping 杨燕屏

Yang Yanping interprets traditional Chinese painting methods with an innovative use of her craft. After formal training as an architect, Yang went on to work for the Museum of Chinese History and the Revolution, where she learned historical painting methods that she was inspired to study further. Once appointed as an artist of the Bejing Art Institute, Yang discovered her favorite subject matter, the lotus flower, a symbol of intellect in China and of beauty and purity in Buddhism. In a traditional Chinese painting technique called “guohua”, the lotus was rendered in classical outlines using ink and a wet brush. Yang aims to honor yet reinterpret this method by rendering the lotus in a brushless technique, applying color through inked paper pressed onto previously painted surfaces and creating textures with paint-covered, crumpled paper.

Chinese, b. 1934