Yasemin Kaçkar-Demirel, ‘Collapse 2’, 2011, Elisa Contemporary

About Yasemin Kaçkar-Demirel

Yasemin Kaçkar-Demirel captures the emotional aspects of architecture through chaotic, fragmented cityscapes. Using inks, watercolors, pastels, resins, and paints, Kaçkar-Demirel reveals the essence of a scene through color, shape, and pattern. She removes cityscapes from their original contexts and reconstructs them to build a narrative, enhancing and embodying the memories associated with such places. In warping and destroying the physicality of specific locations, she reimagines and enhances their emotional and psychological associations and crafts new identities. Her scenes achieve harmony and equilibrium through a balance of opposites; she finds comfort amid insecurity, order amid chaos, and representation amid abstraction. In doing so, she aims to create a fluid and spontaneous viewing experience that allows for personal engagement and subjective associations.

Turkish, b. 1978, Istanbul, Turkey, based in New York, New York