Yassine Mekhnache, ‘Sans titre’, 2016, Opera Gallery

About Yassine Mekhnache

Yassine “YAZE” Mekhnache began his career as a self-taught street artist in Lyon, France, but has since begun to work indoors, with more conventional painting materials. Mekhnache is best known for his large-scale, multi-media paintings that incorporate elements of Moroccan embroidery and traditional craft materials (such as mulberry bark, thick paper gorged with wood or cloth) as well as graffiti tools like marker pens. His techniques are similarly hybrids of those of traditional and street art, including dripping or scribbing paint. Mekhnache’s works combine representational imagery with abstract marks, and are often based upon personal memories and his family history.

French , b. 1979, based in France