Yee I-Lann, ‘Imagining Pontianak: I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day ’, 2016, Mind Set Art Center

About Yee I-Lann

Yee I-Lann, who received training in cinematography and also works as a production designer for feature films, is known for her installations and photography-based works. Recurring themes in her work include Southeast Asian cultural identity and Malaysia’s history—a hybrid subject she refers to as “genetic memory”. Idiomatic objects make frequent appearances in her work, including Malaysian flags, multi-colored tarp bags, oxen, and native plants. She also garnered attention for printing her photographic images onto batik cloths, using a technique involving dye and liquid wax to create her cloth’s signature appearance of hairline cracks. In 2010, Yee applied this method in producing her series “Orang Besar”, which literally means “Big Person” and refers to members of the socio-political and economic elite in the Southeast Asian archipelago.

Malaysian, b. 1971, Sabah, Malaysia, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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