Yishay Garbasz, ‘Beverly Street Park, Protestant neighborhood towards Catholic neighborhood, Belfast’, 2014, Ronald Feldman Gallery

Image rights: Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York

About Yishay Garbasz

Yishay Garbasz finds significance in numbers, often using them to frame aspects of her personal history, memory, and imagination. Garbasz, who is transgender, previously explored issues of identity during her sexual reassignment surgery, documenting her body in the process. “I’m a very tactile and kinesthetic thinker, this is how I enter things, I enter the world through a very personal space, through my heart.” In two subsequent projects, Garbasz documented the path of her mother’s path to a Nazi extermination camp, counting the number of steps and photographing her progress periodically, and branded her arm with her mother’s prison camp identification number. These numbers constitute abstracted markers of real-world experiences that Garbasz translates back into materiality through her performances and documentary photographs.

British-Israeli, b. 1970