Yona Friedman, ‘Space Chains #2’, 2016, Jérôme Poggi

About Yona Friedman

Visionary artist and architect Yona Friedman has based his practice upon the radical assertion that architecture should be flexible and dynamic, conforming to the needs of the inhabitant. Friedman’s manifesto, L’Architecture Mobile (1958), proposed that a skeletal infrastructure should be constructed atop each of the world’s cities, constituting a mobile space that can be adjusted according to shifting societal needs. Friedman expresses these architectural theories through drawings and models that illustrate his proposed mega-structures, as well as installations focusing on properties of scale and materiality. In more recent years, Friedman has tailored his designs to the needs of developing countries, helping to found the Museum of Basic Technology in Madras, India.

French, b. 1923, Budapest, Hungary