Yonko Kuchera, ‘City Bird #2’, 2017, Art Collection NYC

Featured in the Sunday New York Times. Link to NYTimes article: http://nyti.ms/1uuDcEi

An inspired work is how Yonko (John C. Kuchera) explains how he works. He gets an image in his mind and goes for it. This Original one of a kind Digital painting is a really wonderful example of his work.
City Bird is a wonderful series that was inspired by National Bird Day an annual holiday with half a million adherents who celebrate through birdwatching, studying birds, smoking birds, bird drinking games including 'bird date' and other bird-gang activities.[6] Bird adoption is a particularly important National Bird Day activity.[7] According to the newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution, many bird enthusiasts celebrate by adopting birds[7] and by educating future bird owners about the special issues involved with taking care of birds, including their "screaming, biting, constant cleanups, the need for daily interaction and a varied diet". National Bird Day takes place every year on January 5.

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