Yorgo Alexopoulos, ‘Break’, 2018, Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

About Yorgo Alexopoulos

New-media artist Yorgo Alexopoulos transforms paintings, photographs, film, and sculptures into digital imagery for lush, immersive video installations. Alexopoulos explores humanity’s unending quest to understand existence, death, and the universe, or as he describes, “how we as human beings are constantly trying to interpret things: what happens after we die, what happens before we are here[…].” He attempts to convey human processes of interpretation and perception by intermixing religious iconography, expansive views of outer space, land- and seascapes, geometric shapes and patterns, and shades of color in his works. Set to evocative music, these images flicker, morph, and stretch across multiple monitors—an encompassing, expansive vision of the richness of the world and how we both see and represent it.

American, 1971 , based in New York, New York