York Chang, ‘Shredded’, 2017, Samuel Freeman

About York Chang

Trained as both an artist and lawyer, York Chang makes conceptually driven work through which he aims to reveal the inherent untrustworthiness of our most authoritative sources of information and order. These include legal contracts, books, archives, documentary films, and newspapers, all of which he uses as fodder in his projects. He works across media, and has presented performances, compiled books, and produced paintings and drawings, among other activities. In all of his pieces, he blurs the line between fact and fiction in order to challenge ideologies, political and legal powers, and notions of authenticity. For example, Chang fabricated an entire history of a fictional Latin American artistic movement, and, in a performance piece at the Hammer Museum, duped unsuspecting visitors into signing a contract that bound them to pay him $5,000 and become patrons of the museum.

American, b. 1973, Saint Louis, Missouri, based in Los Angeles, California