Ysabel Lemay, ‘Cosmic Nursery’, 2014, Thomas Riley Studio

48" x 63" size immediately available
59" x 78" size available upon request

About Ysabel Lemay

Claiming, “Art in all forms has the power to transform me. It gives me that energy force, that drive I need to surpass myself,” Ysabel LeMay produces photographic montages in homage to nature and what she sees as its divine power and beauty. She came to art-making after a career as a commercial graphic designer, studying painting in 2002. By 2010, she had fallen in love with photography and embarked upon the creation of her painstakingly constructed images, honing her craft in a process she calls “Photo-Fusion.” To make each of her lush, dreamy, rococo visions of nature, she begins by taking hundreds of individual photographs—of birds, bees, flowers, trees, and animals of all kinds. She then stitches her photographs together into a single, seamless composition, at once surreal and convincing, and always full of life.

Canadian, Quebec, Canada, based in Austin, Texas