Yu Honglei, ‘Flower's Ear’, 2016, Antenna Space

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Antenna Space Shanghai

Art Basel, Hong Kong, 2016

About Yu Honglei

Fascinated by familiar images that recede into the subconscious, Beijing-based artist Yu Honglei creates work that concerns the forms and objects of daily life. His sculptures and videos seek to resuscitate forlorn design objects, recreating them and placing them in new arrangements that obviate their original function. With a democratic eye, Yu treats a common household wall clock with the same attitude as an object of art historical import, such as Constantin Brancusi’s iconic Endless Column. His approach to these objects recognizes the fact that they have often been abstracted as digital images, and his revival of them often reiterates that digital life through the use of video, or seeks to transform them by fabricating them anew as sculptures.

Chinese, b. 1984, Inner Mongolia, China, based in Beijing, China

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