Yui Tsujimura, ‘Vase’, 2010, Japan Society Benefit Auction 2016

Recently garnering international critical acclaim, Yui Tsujimura entered into the world of pottery by apprenticing under his father, esteemed potter Shirō Tsujimura. His work can now be found in many major museum collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Since the debut of his kiln in 2000, he has been producing works of striking complexity and arresting beauty which push the boundaries of traditional techniques and aesthetics. Tsujimura's chosen mode of expression is blue-green ash glazed Sue ware, thought to have originated in the ancient Korean kingdom of Kudara. This vessel is representative of his most recent achievements with silver ash, a product of his technical mastery of the reduction kiln.

Image rights: Courtesy of Koichi Yanagi Oriental Fine Arts

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