Yuka Kashihara, ‘Nyu Cavern’, 2015, Tomio Koyama Gallery

About Yuka Kashihara

Yuka Kashihara paints landscapes that mix real places with imagined spaces. She began working on these landscapes in 2006, after leaving Japan to study and work abroad. Her subjects and motifs include caves, mountains, lakes, forests, and pits—each taking precedence in her work at different times, depending on the period and concerns of the artist at a certain time. Kashihara trained in both traditional Japanese and western techniques of painting, and draws upon both conventions in her practice. She creates her richly hued and shimmering colors by building thin layers of oil paint. She describes one of the ongoing themes of her practice as exploring a sense of distance and space, especially as it pertains to geography, culture, and psychological states.

Japanese, b. 1980