Yuko Someya, ‘Breathing at rest with tears behind’, 2012-2013, Tomio Koyama Gallery

Image rights: Yuko Someya, Courtesy Tomio Koyama Gallery.

About Yuko Someya

In describing her drawing process, Yuko Someya says, “I move my pencil as if I was spelling a word.” Someya is known for her ethereal works composed of transparent layers of color, delicate contour lines, and minute details. Each of her works begins as a detailed sketch of light lines, which eventually inform thin, meticulous brushstrokes, and washes of color using watercolor and lithography ink. She works primarily on washi paper, which she then mounts on panel, often piecing together multiple sheets to form one monumental, continuous scene. Recurring motifs include plants, animals, and landscape elements, woven into narrative sequences.

Japanese, b. 1980, Chiba, Japan