Yuree Kensaku, ‘The Finale Fin of Shark's Fins From the series 'Apex Predator'’, 2016, Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

Image rights: Singapore Art Museum

About Yuree Kensaku

Yuree Kensaku paints allegorical scenes that are graphic, cartoonish, and surreal, often drawing narratives from well-known stories like Little Red Riding Hood. In their density and detail, Kensaku’s works recall those of Hieronymous Bosch, with dense fields of figures occupying a hypnagogic landscape. Although they appear sweet and harmless at first glance, Kensaku’s compositions feature exaggerated acts of violence, their stories harboring darker undertones. She credits Philip Guston with opening up new graphic territory for artists like herself, using illustrative imagery to express deep emotional or social issues. “My work is mostly about stuff that surrounds me,” she says, “my experiences, which are like the experiences of most people, feelings of happiness, sadness and sorrow.”

Japanese-Thai, b. 1979

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Nathalie Karg/ Cumulus Studios at Dallas Art Fair 2014