Yuriko Yamaguchi, ‘UR #1’, 2013, Adamson Gallery

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About Yuriko Yamaguchi

Yuriko Yamaguchi’s mixed-media sculptures and wall hangings are meticulous explorations into the evocative and poetic qualities of resin. Fragile, crystalline structures of wire and resin, her captivating forms have also included LED lights, wood, minerals, found objects, and vinyl tubing, among other materials. These simultaneously reference organic shapes, molecules, viscera, synaptic structures, and networks, and are emblematic of the interconnectedness of all human and organic systems. “My overall concept is always that my work is like a vessel that people can fit in,” Yamaguchi has said. Past works have also included materials such as sculptural paper and glass.

Japanese-American, b. 1948, Osaka, Japan, based in Washington, D.C.