Yutaka Takanashi, ‘Untitled’, 1970s/1980s, Taka Ishii Gallery

Image rights: © Yutaka Takanashi

About Yutaka Takanashi

Since the formative days of the iconoclastic 1960s Tokyo art scene, photographer Yutaka Takanashi has documented the dramatic changes in the city’s rapid urbanization through images taken as he’s peripatetically navigated its streets. As one of the founding members of PROVOKE (1968), an extremely influential avant-garde photography and criticism magazine (along with the likes of Daido Moriyama), Takanashi is best known for his dismissal of framing and shooting conventions, often snapping without the viewfinder or submitting images that embraced the look of “aré, buré, boké” (grainy, blurred, and out of focus). In addition to his street and fashion photography, Takanashi captured the intersection point between the influx of western commercial imagery and the germination of Japan’s domestic pop culture in unpeopled studies of Japanese architecture and streets.

Japanese, b. 1935, Tokyo, Japan