Zach Louw, ‘Chitsanzo Private Primary Malawi’, 2016, Museum of African Design (MOAD)


"My dream is to make a school that is a role model not only for this community, but for the whole country" says Raphael Mathias, the principal of Chitsanzo Private Primary in Malawi. "I want my learners to become good citizens. Now this school is 3 years old. I opened it up in 2013. Before 2013 I was operating it part time whilst I was teaching over at the public school. I opened this school with a purpose from the problems I observed at Cape Maclear when I came here in 2010. Many learners were roaming around without going to school and I was very concerned. Looking at that, the community was suffering for a long time, with having so many illiterate people. So I sat down to think about it and saw that there was a need to help the community. But my question was how am I going to help this community. I can’t start with the elders. No. I as a teacher must start with helping the children, because it is a long term process to implement. I started with only three learners, so learners were coming without absenteeism. I wasn’t sad, it wasn’t about getting any money from them. No. I was focused on my mission to help the community. Learners were still coming and they were paying a little bit so I could buy soap. 250 Kwacha (40 US Cents) per month. I worked tirelessly and now I have over 400 students.”

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