Zackary Drucker, ‘Distance is where the heart is, Home is where you hang your heart, #24’, 2011, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles

About Zackary Drucker

About Zackary Drucker and Amos Mac

Strangers when they began their collaboration, Zackary Drucker and Amos Mac were each exploring the representation and lives of trans people before they met. Based in Los Angeles, Drucker creates films, performances, and photographs, working within a performance tradition strongly influenced by body artist Ron Athey; she often collaborates with her partner, Rhys Ernst. Photographer Mac, based in New York, is the founder and editor of the publication Original Plumbing, which focuses on trans men. In their collaboration, Mac photographed Drucker in her hometown of Syracuse, New York, creating images that are voyeuristic and intimate while subverting notions of the male gaze through the lens of queer identity. Setting Drucker against suburban landscapes and images of her parents’ home, the images contrast queer life with heteronormative symbols of family and home.


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