Zak Prekop, ‘Transparency with Blue Light’, Shane Campbell Gallery

About Zak Prekop

One of the new group of painters who have a casual, off-hand aesthetic, Zac Prekop makes challenging paintings with such a deft, light touch that they are often barely discernible. Sometimes called non-paintings, Prekop’s images are like hints or traces—they look visually confused and deceptively thin. On closer inspection, nearly imperceptible layers of monochromatic paint delineate grid structures and subtle color fluctuations that sometimes generate the illusion of light. Although Prekop’s endeavor may seem half-hearted and tentative, he elegantly captures the uncertainty and disappointment of his generation.

American, b. 1979, based in Chicago, Illinois

Solo Shows

Harris Lieberman Gallery, 
New York,
Zak Prekop

Fair History on Artsy

Shane Campbell Gallery at MiArt 2015
Shane Campbell Gallery at NADA Miami Beach 2014
Harris Lieberman Gallery at Art Basel Hong Kong 2013