Zander Blom, ‘Untitled [1.952]’, 2017, Stevenson

About Zander Blom

Zander Blom explores different configurations of line, shape, and form in his paintings, drawings, and distinctive photographs of abstract assemblages. Often using the architecture of his work studio as his canvas—in particular defined spaces like corners and walls—Blom creates patterns with cardboard, paint, tape, and other materials. He then photographs the transient constructions before destroying them. Blom mines the imagery of modernist abstraction for his playful compositions, with shapes often repeating rhythmically throughout the picture plane. In his paintings, modular smatterings of paint and precise lines create different formal relationships. “I look at what I do today as a kind of science of the picture plane,” he has said. “I’m perpetually trying to solve new problems, and creating new problems to try and solve.”

South African, b. 1982, Pretoria, South Africa, based in Johannesburg, South Africa