Zarina, ‘Refugee Camp’, 2015, Luhring Augustine

Image rights: © Zarina; Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York.

About Zarina

Zarina Hashmi, who prefers to be called by just her first name, has a love for paper: “Paper is an organic material, almost like human skin,” she says. She uses the material to create prints, drawings, and even sculptures cast in paper pulps. Zarina received her degree in mathematics before continuing her studies as a printmaker in Bangkok, Tokyo, and Paris. To date, her various methods of printmaking have included intaglio, woodblock, lithography, and silkscreen. She works in series, creating several prints in order to articulate and explore the multiplicity of a concept. Her recurring themes include diaspora, nostalgia, memory, borders, and home; her subjects are those inspired by her own understanding of her surroundings and history. She also uses a combination of punctures, folds, cuts, and scratches to create textured surfaces.

Indian, b. 1937, Aligarh, India, based in New York, New York